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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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intense time in the political struggle to leave this great nation. keep it on fox news channel. have a great week, and don't miss a second of huckabee, you've got one, ten seconds? have a good one. ♪ >> tonight on huckabee. >> we are taking a historic chance to make welfare what it was meant to be, a second chance on a way of life. >> a successful bipartisan program that created jobs, reduced poverty and why is president obama picking welfare reform apart? >> and if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor period. >> the president promised his health care law will let you keep your doctor, but will your doctor be able to keep their doors open? private practice physicians say that obama care is driving them out of business. >> plus. >> there's no proof that our
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ewill lexes are in person voter fraud. >> and the governor takes on attorney general holder's claim. >> and the topics, you wrote us about tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. and we've got a great studio audience and from huckabee on the fox news studios. >> one of the few times that the government worked is during the welfare reform efforts of the mid 1990's, engineered originally by wisconsin governor tommy thompson and utah governor mike leavitt, the republican congress in 1994 and speaker newt gingrich worked with democratic president bill clinton, to pass the landmark legislation which was crafted to take people from welfare roles to payrolls. and in my first legislative
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section as governor, we developed a plan who would give people who were suck in the welfare hole a ladder to self-reliance. and in my state, it was no easy sell and those far on the left were convinced if we removed government life support and insisted on able bodied people having to work or get education or job training in order to receive benefits we're going to have massive dying in the streets, sleeping in the park and starving, that's when i realized how disconnected from reality the far left is. thanks to those willing to work with me and the group of republicans we passed strong welfare reform rolls, instead of dying, the unemployment numbers went down and poverty rates actually declined. we learned a lot. and mostly that if you create a system that punishes people
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for trying to better themselves, but rewards them for dependency, guess what? they get more dependency. and learn that more off welfare or a desire for dignity. and many actually did lack a simple household device that they had never needed before, an alarm clock. no kidding. i mean, people who didn't have to worry about being a the a job on time didn't have an alarm clock. it became sort of inside and untold story in our administration of the essential tool moving people from welfare to work. the insistence of having to work to collect benefits wasn't cruel, what was cruel was to trap people permanently in the pits of a system. caused people to depend on politicians for their nesties which made them bo holden to the politicians who seemingly provided them. it wasn't good for the people on welfare, no, it was good for the politicians who created a dependent class, who
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were dependent on their being reelected. now, the obama administration wants to go back to the days where welfare checks could be given without the stringent work requirements that have proven to be successful and helping people stand with their own two feet instead of carried with the government. why would anyone propose such a stupid reversal? just remember, it's not about the people, it's about the power that politicians want to have over the people. real strength of a government program is not how many people on it, but how many people are independent enough to not have to need it. [applause] joining me now is the original architect of welfare reform, former health and human services secretary under george w. bush, and former governor tommy thompson now running for the cites senate in his home state and full disclosure, i have
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endorsed his campaign for a lot of reasons i just shared with you. >> thank you very much, governor. >> mike: i want to begin right at the heart of this issue, you helped create the welfare reform movement by in an area in wisconsin, trying out the things that ended up working. other gorps said we'd like to do that, too. now we're seeing an attempt by the obama administration to make changes. i want you to first speak, what's the heart of what makes welfare reform work? >> the fact that people have to get up in the morning, go to work, and be able to get themselves out of poverty. i always told people you can't get out of poverty by not working and the welfares mothers responded in the state of wisconsin and across the country. always the responsibility for them, they had to have some skin in the game. and we would continue to provide for help for them and assistance, but they had to get up, look for a job and go
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out and get a job and work. you know, they were happier, they got out of poverty, out of play with what went down and modern welfare said, thank you. and finally people are listening giving me a hand upand not a handout and i appreciate it. >> there was a new proposal, the obama administration says they would let states have a waiver and fulfill the work requirements anymore. i want your reaction to that. >> i am absolutely indig nent about it, as you are, and the other individuals that work so hard because we know it's wrong headed and that unemployment goes down when people are working and that individuals get out of poverty when they work, and this, to me, is just an absolute slap in the face to those people that are on welfare, because they're saying, you know, we just want you to stay there and you're going to be able to then continue in office and hand out things, whenever we feel like it, that's not the american way, and the american way is to be able to get up in
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the morning, puttin on your boots or whatever it is, your work clothes and contribute to society. that's what makes america, so much better than any other country and president obama and katherine sebelius doesn't understand that when they introduce a rule that is going to emasculate the independents and the opportunity for poor people to get ahead. for me that's wrong headed and i'm repulsed by it. >> you know, governor, you're getting a nice round of applause in our studio and you were the governor that et kraed the movement, but you also were health and human services secretary. i'm wondering, does the hhs secretary have the right, legally, to overturn what is a statutory requirements? is that something that can be waved by the secretary? >> you can only wave it under
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1115, which is the social security waiver power, when it's absolutely given to the secretary to do it. under the welfare laws, and the law that was passed and first vetoed by bill clinton and signed and takes credit saying this is one of the greatest accomplishments of his administration, there is no opportunity to waive it and so, the secretary of health and human services, i believe, acting outside of the scope of the authority of the law and i think it's a mistake and i think that somebody is definitely going to bring a lawsuit and somebody else isn't, i will, to be able to say that the secretary of health and human services does not have the authority and responsibility to waive something that's in the statute that doesn't give the secretary absolute discretion to do so. i believe it's ultra virus, outside the scope of her authority. >> mike: and they say it gives states flexibility.
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you and i know governors, that does not do one thing that gives states flexibility. and insisting on a work requirement to continue to get benefits. it's like mafia chief asking for a tribute. that the people have to get benefits back and given protection. i'm repulsed by it. you said you're repulsed by it. what do we do to change it. how do we make americans understand how big a change this would be? >> and ton top of that, governor, we're borrowing money from china, 38 cents out of every dollar, in order to contribute to this program and now, we're saying, you're not going to have to work. stay at home like you used to be able to and nobody really wants that. you know something that nobody, governor, has introduced legislation to go back to the old day of pt because it failed. and now they're trying to stay
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we're going to circumvent it and you say the mafia chiefs and i say it's the politicians to get sure votes. saying you don't have to work, just vote for me. i think it's wrong ended and i'm repulsed by it and most importantly, we have to elect people. the public office that really believe in the individual and to be able to believe that individuals make a difference and that they can make it on their own. the government does not have to do everything for them. senator thompson, always a pleasure to be with you. i'm delighted to talk to you, nobody knows more about this entire process than you do. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, my friend. [applause] >> well, these are folks who have gone through med school. through internships and private practices, but many doctors say obama care is throwing all of that hard work right in the medical waste
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bin. we'll talk to a couple of doctors who tell us, why the president's health care law is driving them right out of medicine. that's when we come back. i'd love to hear from you, go to mike for the feedback section, or follow me on twitter. that and more at [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants.
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♪ >> remember when the rez was trying to sell his plan? he said this a lot of times. and listen, no matter what you've heard. if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it if you've got to doctor that you want, you will be able to keep your doctor. >> if you've got health insurance you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your plan. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> oh, really? well, we received a lot of e-mails from our viewers saying their doctors were
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considering quitting their practice because of obama care. why would they do that? well, we're going to ask. a dermatologist who just sold his practice in arizona. dr. kathy hampton from houston, had to layoff employees and struggle to keep they are clinic open. and a philadelphia cardiologist may have to give up private practice and end up working at a hospital. i want to say thanks to all of you for being here. and you actually posted a sign outside your office, we've got a shot of it here, and it says this, it was a reminder to your patients, if you voted for obama care, be aware that these doors will close before it goes into effect. and that didn't turn out to be an empty promise. you actually said, that's it, i'm done, why? >> it never was an empty promise and i never expected this picture to come back two years later, but here we are. obama care is a threat to the practice of medicine, it's a threat to doctors and these
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threats have been going on for 20 it years. this is what the people, the public don't understand. there's a sword of damaclese over doctor's heads. the coding of what we have to put in charts changed. it's so complex you can't comply with it. for example, if a pulmonary doctor sees a patients and writes a history down. that's enough. now he has to put down the dates. an if he doesn't have the information in the chart can be fined $11,000 for the claim and the department of the send auditors in who could charge you a percentage of all the charts they evaluate and i could be finding myself enstead being beholden to the government for over 2 million dollars if they want to find things like that to charge me with. >> mike: they were going to hit you with the cost of lek tropic medical system. >> computer system from the minimum of $25,000 for the whole office if i ordered and
5:17 pm
installed the software right now. you never know if the software is viable two years from now. if the doctor doesn't have a computer system, 50, $70,000, at a certain point in time when you have the threats hanging over your head when your kids are in college. do you want to deal with that. and everything that the department of the's been could go doing especially now and our ability to do it and we went in to medicine to do a job we thought was intrins intrinsically valuable. >> mike: doctor, you decided know the to take medicare or medicaid patients and they reimburse you for the actual cost in providing the care. why don't people understand that? >> they don't know what we're being paid. they don't understand that the benefits are in the nail. you get something from your insurance company or medical statement what the doctor charged and what your
5:18 pm
insurance paid and your co-pay and left over that everybody writes off. i can charge $100 for a visit, but if wii contract is with medicare or the insurance companies or medicaid. it's $25. i write off 75. >> mike: 75 of-- >> and some plans, typically our average write-off is 40% so we get 60% of what we charge, that's across the board and some plans pay more and some plans pay much less. >> so if the government gets more involved in health care and expand medicaid and that's where the 30 million new patients come from, that means the patients walk in and you lose roughly 40 cents on the dollar for what it's costing. >> and it's worse, i think it's 33 cents on the dollar, but the problem is, there's not enough medicaid providers. i never went on medicaid. and when i you canned opened my practice, they were behind medicaid. they said don't get it on. there's too much paper work.
5:19 pm
>> i've been on medicare my entire life. 15% of my revenue was medicare. they were threatening cuts and my accountant says you need to close, sell out your practice or stop taking medicare. >> mike: all of this promise that the prose is going to take more of the people. he's not if you quit. doctor, you've a cardiologist in philadelphia apso tough to make it, you and your partners had to reach into your own pockets just to pay your employees last year, that's a shock, i think, to most americans that there's really no money being made in your practice. >> yeah, the cardiologist has been particularly affected by medicare, back in 2010, medicare made devastating cuts to testing done in the office and that's approximately now about 75% of cardiologists are employed by hospitals, private practice is dying out and our
5:20 pm
reimbursement went down and expenses continue to go up. we still have to maintain fairly large stuff. so the expenses are going up and what you're getting paid is going down and right now we're not getting paid enough to maintain a viable business and it finally got to the breaking point. four physicians have left my practice, one of whom, probably one of the best physicians i've ever worked with was so frustrated he, just quit and doesn't have a job. whether he returns to practice or not remains to be seen. we have people can calling in in tears, their doctor has left and our staff is spenl a lot of time on the phone. >> mike: what's so tragic, you went to college, went to four years medical school, years of residency and established your practice and learn to be good at what you do and at the end of your careers, the policy supposed to be so wonderful is
5:21 pm
causing you to say, i can't do this anymore and making less than members of congress. i don't think that people understand this. the doctors earn less than members of congress and with all due respect, what congress does isn't nearly as important as these guys doing. and when we come back, what president obama should have done and never got around to. listen to the doctors how to fix health care. that's what we'll do when we come back. stay with us. [applause]. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast,
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(applause) >> let's talk about the reactions you're getting. doctor, what kind of reaction have you gotten from your
5:25 pm
patients when you said i'm done. >> i have patients very upset, but they understand, because i've been vocal. i was a resource, putting my mind in full gear when the patient was in front of me, until the government got in the fold and worse and worse and worse. and every time i saw a medicare patient i was at risk $11,000 fine per patient and my patients understand well. anded-- not something that i did light heartedly, i was fearful of being bankrupted by the system e dr. hanson, if you were talking it a young person today would you advise them to go into medicine. >> no, i've already done that many time. i have a nanny, a michigan state grad, smart girl. got a job at nasa a couple of summers and thinking of doing medical school, and i said don't do it. now i regret that because i
5:26 pm
want the ethical people to be in there, and i told her, you're going to be a government employee, under the system. it's ten years of your life, and 20's are taken away from you, anything real social and so she's biomedical engineering and usc, masters. and i felt bad, in hindsight i should have told her go, because i want people in medicine, but no way that-- >> you want to be-- to do this. >> and i have to tell them they have to love medicine, a calling, like a pastor or you'll never do it for the money or heartache only because you love patients. >> and doctor, there's a likelihood you may have to get out of private practice completely and end up being probably the employee of a hospital. >> right. what are the disadvantages to the patients if you no longer are in private practice, i don't care what the hospital think or you think. how are the patients affect i had by that. >> the patients are affected. it's an access to care issue.
5:27 pm
the question, does the hospital have the resources to accommodate all of these patients now, who need testing done and the hospitals may not be geared up to handling that many people and the other issue is if you have the test done as an out patient in the co-pay is higher as well. and the reimbursements for these same tests that are done in their office, they're done in the hospitals are much, much higher to the hospital so medicare pays a lot more money and they have to pay for the tests at the hospital. both as a taxpayers we're going to pay more and as patients we're going to pay more if this is the shift. >> right. >> let's talk about your prescription, if you fix obama care and write the prescription and granted, maybe we could read it. >> we could do it electronically. >> mike: and doctor, what would your prescription for obama care be. >> i'd make health care expenses tax deductible across the board and get rid of the employer based health care system and make people responsible for their own payment and have medicare
5:28 pm
savings, medical savings account. have a high deductible plan, progress for catastrophic care, get the government out of this as much as we can. put the patient in control. >> mike: i like that. [applause]. >> mike: e doctor hampton, your prescription if you could write one today. >> one thing i wish someone would do, no one talks about it is the information. and one of my doctors left in may and she went to a big system and some of her patients have not followed her and asked why, i don't want my information out in a big system. she's in university of texas i'm a small clinic, the information stays with me. there's a lot of duplication in medicine. and they got out of the hospital, a record release no one knows the labs. i wanted the patient to somehow in cyberspace have their own folder that they own with their medical information and access it from computers in the office and pull up the cat scans in the hospital. it's not the hospital system, you understand, they get to choose what they wanted and who has access to it because
5:29 pm
we have so much records that are sometimes inaccurate and you can check on electronic records now, and normal exams, if you can put normal male instead of normal female, you don't catch it it's in their records and a lot of duplication of records and misinformation of records and that's at the core of where i am. i'm exactly like him. let the patient pay him $50 or $60, pay that much to get the oil changed in the car and $10 co-pay, i don't think i have it. they don't realize we get paid so little from the insurance companies, their co-pay is basically cash flow for our business and it's hard. >> that is. doctor, your prescription for obama care? >> to me malpractice reform is a huge issue. [applause] >> and it's been activated by some that malpractice adds an extra 50 to 100 billion in health care costs and i think even to washington that's a lot of money.
5:30 pm
think how much health care you can provide with that amount of money. >> mike: i want to say thanks to call of you. your candor and honesty and the clarity of our audiences, helping them understand this is a crisis caused by government not fixed by government and i hope that people are paying attention and listening. we've kind of grew up believing we ought to listen to our doctors. folks, we ought to listen to our doctors, and doctors are not happy about obama care, do you think maybe they know more about the practice of medicine than president obama does and the members of congress does? i trust them a whole lot more. the fact that they work this hard to be as prepared as they are to save our lives and we're making it harder for them? this is absurd. please make contact with your congressmen and senators and let them know that you're not going to be happy when you can't go to your doctor because he's out of business. and again, thank all of you for being here. a pressure to have you. [applause] >> up next, i'm going to be
5:31 pm
answering some of your e-mails and later, actor and activist charles grodin and jamming with the little rockers, regarding her father, the last ride. we'll be right back. since before jeans were this skinny... since us three got a haircu since my first twenty-ninth rthday. [ female announcer ] head & shoulders. live flake free. since my first this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination...
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♪ [ male announcer ] find out more about the tempur advanced ergo system. ♪ tempurpedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >> live from america's news headquarters, right now. in egypt they're holding a pastor and two others. they were taken on a tour bus between cairo and mount sinai. and demand they release his uncle from president. the embassy is working with egyptian security officials to have the hostages released. and the death toll now at least 25 following torrential rains in southern japan. floods triggering landslides. and meanwhile, evacuation orders for a quarter million people have been lifted.
5:35 pm
many are now able to return home to check out the damage. and more rain is expected monday, but forecasters say the worst may be over. i'm anna kooiman, and head for the latest on ♪ . >> and send me all of those e-mails about my health care law, yeah, right. what's this? oh, no, he didn't. hey, cancel that trip to the naacp convention in houston, you know, the one i've been trying to avoid. yeah, well, now i've got a real excuse not to go. i've got to read all of these e-mails. isn't it article 9's definition of taxes and was very browed and certain provisions of obama care violate the constitution? what if the employer does not offer health coverage and one
5:36 pm
employs for a tax credit. must play a nondeductible tax. and i guess i'm actually going to have to read my affordable care act. [applause] >> there's going to be.... >> mike: oh, yeah, so we sent all of your e-mails to the white house and i'm sure president obama is spending all of his time reading them right now, but it's not for lack of our having sent them because we took them seriously and you took them seriously and we want to share more for you. and i'll try to respond to as many as you can. you keep sending them. we'll keep answering them. got it from bill. why we hear the nonsense about health care and taxes, can anyone tell me how we can run a country without a budget? bill, the fact is we can't. and that's why the country is in such a mess. you realize the united states united states. one of few duties is to pass a
5:37 pm
budget and harry reid has not allowed a budget on the state floor since 2009. we're three years and three months from having had a budget presented on the senate floor. he wh when you hear about the nasty house republicans, they've prepared budget after budget after budget and have gone into the details and sent it to the senate and if the senate doesn't like it, they can draft their own, but this is a senate that doesn't track one at all and bottles up the ones they get. you're right. we need a budget. in order to get it we need a new senate. remember that in november. >> says, would it make good sense to go after the big businesses, that chose to open an office in another country to match the taxes that they pay there, so we can consume at least something instead of nothing? exactly right. and the reason that a lot of companies move off shore is because our tax system chases them away. and if you're in business, you're not in business to see how much money you can lose. and you're in business to see
5:38 pm
how much money you can make. and by the way, the business-- i know this sounds crass, it's not to create jobs, the purpose is it to create capital and return for investments for people who put money into the business, because if you don't make it they'll lose and never invest with you again. if you make money, they'll keep investing. now, jobs are the by product of a somebody that makes money. without money, you can't hire people for those jobs, you can say i'm going to hire a hundred people, how am i going to pay it? i better make money or i can't pay them and they're going to lose the jobs that i create. and the nonsense when the president says the companies are trying to make money, i hope so, if they don't, nobody can work for them. why is that so hard to understand, mr. president? . now, we'll get this from louisville, about eric holder who made the statement. there is no evidence of voter fraud. really? multiple cases of the deceased
5:39 pm
registered voters have been documented as having voted. there's i am -- i am presence cases of voter fraud. and 50 years of sentencing because of voter fraud. there's been voter fraud in texas, south carolina, nigh home state of arkansas, yes, people were convicted there. i always used to say that unwith of the reasons i'm a christian and believe in the resurrection, is because every election day, i saw people rise up out of the grave and go vote. my gosh, look, to say there's no voter fraud is like something the moon doesn't come around at night. of course, there's voter fraud and that's why it's absurd that the attempt to get dead people off the voter roles and to see that people actually have a right to vote is not about trying to keep people from voting. it's protecting the integrity of the rights of those who have a legitimate citizenship to vote.
5:40 pm
if someone is voting, canceling your vote, you're legitimately a voter and they're dead, guess what? it's disenfranchising you as a voter. nobody wants to keep a voter suppressed. but what we do want to do get the dead people in the grave and not let them out on election day. i want make no apology for that and i hope you don't either. >> send it to huck and actor charles grodin has a new role, he's a voice for prison,he feels has been harshly convicted crimes they didn't directly commit. charles grodin tells us about it when we come back. bay biscs then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently.
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>> hear my dail commentaries on the mike huckabee. get deat >> cha >> (applause). he's hosted his own radio and talk shows and he's concentrating his efforts and things he thinks will be overcharged. and people like ryan holly. was convicted for first degree murder for a house entry thoo too took place. he wasn't near the crime scene, he was sleeping. and he lent his car to friend
5:45 pm
and used to to drive to the car. he was sentenced it life in prison without the possibility of parole. charles grodin is here. >> (applause) >> this is one of many you have been an advocate before. this is trouble because this man wasn't near the scene. >> he's convicted of pre-meditated murder and he lent his car-- someone who had record, and wrote to me from prison, and yes, sir, and yes, ma'am, and what he wants to do when he gets out of prison and he may not get out of prison, i being an advocate for inmates who i think are unfairly imprisoned and i think a lot of people are let out of prison, who should have never been let out of prison because of violent backgrounds and the murders in connecticut, broke into the
5:46 pm
house, killed the mother and two daughters, and set the house on fire, and there's a case in florida-- pennsylvania i called the d.a. and wanted to know the background, broke into a house and killed a sleeping two-year-old bobby baby boy and i don't think they should have ever been let out of prison. the cases i've been involved with have been nonviolent cases, but i've never seen a case like this, and to say what the felony murder rule is, if you're involved in a felony such as robbery that leads to a murder, you're as guilty as the person who committed the murder and that's the generally, what felony murder is and you've been involved in other felony murder cases, this is the first time i've ever been involved in a case where the person is convicted of pre-meditated murder, was home aslope in bed and i've told the prosecutor now a judge and he feels it's too strange, a boy with no record, a fabulous
5:47 pm
kid, actually, is serving life in prison with no chance of parole and he was home asleep in bed. >> mike: that's the remarkable thing. one thing to be charged as an accessory, typically the extent to what one would be charged. this kid, ryan holly is charged as if he pulled the trigger. >> pulled the trigger and that's really-- how big of a problem is this across the country and do we see this? >> the felony murder rule started in england and all ports of europe, abolished because of unintended consequences like this. it was abolished in india. the canadian supreme court says a person should be held responsible for his or her own actions. so america is the only country that remains this law and kentucky, michigan and hawaii have gotten rid of it. 47 of our states still retain it and the perfectly unintended consequences a
5:48 pm
perfectly good kid, serving life with no parole, home in bed asleep. >> can they change it? >> yes, and in kentucky they did. now, unfortunately, i was in touch with a justice in one of those states, to learn how this happened. and i'm deliberately not mentioning names, but the answer was money was involved. which is even more sickening e charles, i hope you'll continue the advocacy. this is one of the issues that a lot of people don't talk about because people don't care, but you ought to care, it can be you, your son, your daughter and the thought of life without parole. i agree with charles, there are people in prison that show-- and there's some people who are in prison that don't need to spend the rest of their lives there. our prison director used to tell me all the timement and i quote him. we lock up a lot of people because we're mad at them not afraid of them, but the people locked up out to be the ones
5:49 pm
we're afraid of. charles, thanks for being here and bringing it to our attention, coming up, hank williams' daughter jett williams will be joining the little rockers for one of the legendary musician's classic songs. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network. a living, breathing intelligence helping business, do more business. in here, opportunities are created and protected. gonna need more woo demand is instantly recnized
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5:52 pm
>> his . >> his music had an impact on johnny cash shall the rolling stones and bruce springsteen. and after his death. hank williams continues to be one of the most influential arties and bad boys in country music, died way too young, 29 years old. the story of his final hours on his life was told in the new movie "the last ride". >> why don't you like music? everybody likes music. there's no reason.
5:53 pm
you don't listen to the radio? >> i don't got a radio. >> do you want one? >> i guess. >> no radio, huh? >> no. >> how about a girl, you got yourself a girl? >> no, sir. >> do you think there might be a connection there? >> joining me in hank's daughter jett williams, jett, it's so good to have you here. you were born five days after he died. >> he, the official death is january 1st, they took his body to montgomery and buried on the 4th and i was born before the sun came up on the 6th. >> there was a very touching part in the movie in which he went to the doctor that was going to deliver you, i mean, that was part of the film, and he wanted to make sure that he took care of that baby and that's go the to be special to
5:54 pm
know that your dad before you were born wanted to make sure that you were taken care of. >> and signed the legal papers to say this is my baby and growing up as an adopted child, to find out that this man was my father, hank williams. >> was important. and that man nt with aed me and didn't count on dying at 29. >> jett, i think you're going to do one of your songs, what are you going to do. >> mike: i'd like to dedicate this one to you, hey, good looking. >> mike: there's a future for you in politics, if you can lie like that, jett. >> and singing country music and let politics take care of itself. >> mike: all right. let's do it. ♪ ♪ hey, hey, good looking ♪ what you got cooking
5:55 pm
♪ how's about cooking something up with me ♪ ♪ hey, hey, sweet baby ♪ don't you think maybe ♪ we could find us a brand new recipe ♪ ♪ ♪ saying, hey good looking ♪ what you got cooking ♪ how's about cooking something up with me ♪ ♪ i'm free and pretty so we can go steady ♪ ♪ how's about saving all of your time for me ♪ ♪ no more looking, i know i
5:56 pm
been cooking ♪ ♪ how's about keeping company ♪ ♪ i'm ♪ ♪ saying, hey, good looking ♪ what you got cooking ♪ how's about cooking something up with... how's about cooking something up with... how's about cooking something up with me ♪ >> thank you, jet, it was great to have you here and what a pleasure. i hope you'll see the film, don't miss it. and you can go to the website the last ride and get a link to the itunes or
5:57 pm
amazon. thanks for joining us, until next week, i'm mike huckabee from new york, good night and from new york, good night and god bless. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ 14.99. start with soup, salad ancheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. an accident doesn't have to slow you down.
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